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Suomen Turvakauppa is a company specializing in safety with extremely strong foothold of the Finnish safety market. Roots are set deeply in safety branch since 1994 and Turvakauppa was started by two families. Teemu Selin, son of the founder, is still main partner and carries out the safety business with his partners Jani Rämänen and Emmi Hellsten.
Product groups include:
  • Signs & sign bags (retail packing)
  • First aid products
  • Fire protection (extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms)
  • Home safety
  • Traffic management
  • Marking & warning
  • Civil Defence
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Turvakauppa employs about 15 people in Kaarina, Finland.

We are a solid and trustworthy company, emphasizing quality, delivery accuracy and social responsibility.

Please come by or contact us:

COB Teemu Selin +358 40-5749295
[email protected]

CEO, Sales, Jani Rämänen +358 40-7082038
[email protected]

Operations Manager, Emmi Hellsten +358 40-6831332
[email protected]

Suomen Turvakauppa Oy
Asessorinkatu 13
20780 Kaarina, Finland
tel. +358 2 438 4350

email: [email protected]

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